In organising your visit to Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre, teachers are advised to follow the steps and guidelines below.

  • Birds eye viewConsult the Programs page or request a TFEEC staff member to assist in your selecting a suitable program for your students.
  • Complete and submit the Online Booking Form.
  • Once your booking has been confirmed via a “Booking Confirmation”, a TFEEC teaching staff member will coordinate your program itinerary and student field booklet. You will need to photocopy enough field booklets to allow one copy per student.
  • Ensure your students parents / guardians have completed a relevant permission form prior to your excursion.
  • In the event of injury / illness, you will need to ensure student medical details are accessible on the day.
  • Do you require a copy of the relevant risk assessment/s? If so, contact the centre in order to obtain the necessary documentation.
  • Students will need to have covered footwear and wear sun-safe clothing. Students are encouraged to bring their own sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Inclement weather may force TFEEC to postpone the program. In the event of this occurring, an alternative date will be negotiated in conjunction with the organising teacher/s. Notice of postponement will be provided at the earliest possible time. An after hours contact number, provided in the ‘Booking Form’, is essential for this to occur.
  • At the conclusion of each visit, we invite teachers to complete a brief online survey. The resulting feedback assists centre staff to implement an ongoing improvement agenda for the benefit of both students and teachers.

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