Chain Game (International Trade) (Year 6)

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‘Chain Game – International Trade’ is a 90 minute activity that illustrates how trade can impact upon the economic development of different countries. During the activity students are able to experience the results and consequences of unequal trading relationships and generates interest and discussion about the world trading system in an enjoyable way.

The objective of the game is for each group to make as much money as possible using only the materials they are given to build their country’s wealth. They can make money through the manufacture of paper chains and/or trading raw resources, technology and services. As the game progresses a number of different trading situations will occur that have parallels in the real world.

At the completion of the activity the students reflect upon the difficulties of arriving at a just system of
trade. Students also make comparisons with countries with an emphasis on Australia and our trading neighbours in Asia.

Curriculum Intent


  • Difference in the economic, demographic and social characteristics of countries across the
    world (ACHASSK139)
  • Australia’s connections with other countries and how these change people and places (ACHASSK141)

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