Ozobots: Imagination in Play (Years 3-4)

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Ozobots: Imagination in Play is a 90 minute program focusing on introducing Year 3 and 4 students to the wonderful world of coding and robotics using Ozobots. Ozobot is a tiny robot, measuring 1 inch in height and diameter. It has a photo sensor array which enables it to recognise patterns, lights, colours, and codes through colour sensing technology.

Students are given the opportunity to program the Ozobots by simply drawing lines and using colours. They are provided opportunities to use their creativity and artistic expression, while developing logical reasoning and in turn, actually learning high level coding concepts.

The program begins with students learning how to draw black navigation lines and ozocodes (visual codes) that alter the behaviour and decision making abilities of the Ozobots. Once mastered, students have the opportunity to use logic to solve problems involving navigation around mazes, and using Ozobot as a robotic postman delivering parcels.

Ozobots: Imagination in Play has been assessed as low risk and is able to be delivered on site in schools. A student field booklet is provided upon confirmation of your booking.

Curriculum Intent

Digital Technologies

Years 3 and 4

  • Identify and explore a range of digital systems with peripheral devices for different purposes, and transmit different types of data (ACTDIK007)
  • Recognise different types of data and explore how the same data can be represented in different ways (ACTDIK008)
  • Implement simple digital solutions as visual programs with algorithms involving branching (decisions) and user input (ACTDIP011)
  • Define simple problems, and describe and follow a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve them (ACTDIP010)

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